The Bruce McLaren Movie
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The Pit Crew

Alastair Caldwell

Alastair continues to provide a wonderful insight into Bruce's team in the 1960's and is looking forward to the films release.

Alastair Caldwell was born in England in 1943, but at the age of seven moved to New Zealand. However, it wasn’t until he returned to England at the age of 24 that he joined Bruce McLaren and the team.

Alastair was a trained mechanic, however, the the only work he could get with the McLaren team was as a cleaner. Fortunately he was a good cleaner and after finishing his first day’s work he started helping out on one of the cars. By the following morning the team required a new cleaner as Alastair had now become a McLaren mechanic. By 1973 he was Team Manager.

Alastair stayed with the McLaren team until 1977, during which time he would, among other things, be responsible for inventing the six-speed gearbox and the air-starter. He was also a great one for working out what Formula One regulations actually said, rather than what they meant, which led to him being the first person to put skirts on Formula One racing cars.

Alastair continues to be heavily involved in the world of motorsport. For more information and stories about Alastair Caldwell, including the bribing of French customs officials and fleeing the police as a teenager, visit




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