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Edward Everett “Teddy” Mayer

Teddy Mayer was instrumental to the establishment of the McLaren Racing Team and would prove key to its success on the track and as a business.

Teddy and Bruce

In 1963 Teddy and his brother Timmy met Bruce McLaren, who was contemplating tackling the Tasman Series in cars of his own design. Timmy was a promising young driver who would race with Bruce, while Teddy would bring his business savvy and much needed funds to the operation.

Despite Timmy's death in the Tasman Series Teddy remained with the newly formed McLaren Team and became a crucial part of their success. A law graduate from Cornell, Teddy managed the business side of the team, ensuring that Bruce's vision always had the necessary funding to be realised.

After Bruce's death Teddy continued to manage the McLaren Team and would help guide them to the realisation of Bruce's ultimate goal; the winning of the Formula One World Championship.

Teddy finally left the team in 1982, but he remained within the motorsport arena, managing a variety of teams.

Teddy Mayer passed away on January 30, 2009, from complications arising from his decade long battle with Parkinson's Disease.

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